Want to fly through the sky at 120 miles per hour at thousands of feet above the ground?

The sensation of flying through the air is unique and exhilarating, and modern equipment and training make it possible for anyone to enjoy this great experience. Today's skydivers find soft standup landings are an easy accomplishment with rectangular parachutes, and you enjoy an incredible flight through the sky!

You can actually fly 120 mph through the sky, and miles above the ground. At Skydive Zion you can do rolls, turns, even pull your own ripcord on your first skydive! Southern Utah now offers the spectacular experience of skydiving, along with an aerial view of the canyons of Zion National Park!

At Skydive Zion the student receives TOTAL attention from the instructors and staff. There are no long delays waiting for experienced skydivers, and you are not herded in groups like cattle onto a crowded airplane. Our airplane flies when YOU are ready. Come on out and skydive with us!

Top 5 reasons to jump with Skydive Zion:

1. Safety - Since opening in 2000 we have maintained an excellent record with ZERO fatalities, two student injuries (ankle and hip), and 100% great times from over 10,000 skydives!

2. Personal Training - People are taught how to control turns, flips, pull the ripcord and fly the parachute

3. Spectacular Views - of Zion National Park and Southern Utah

4. Easy to Schedule - We can schedule your dives for any day - even for one person

5. Great Weather - The desert humidity of Southern Utah gives us great weather all year

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Hurricane Airport (General Dick Stout Field)
800 West 2300 South
Hurricane, UT 84737
(435) 635-3742